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Being a good servant for your Master is not always easy. The position of a maid brings many responsibilities on a sissy maid, the most important are the tasks. These tasks are the most important thing, as it shows your servitude to your Master and the lifestyle you have chosen.

It requires dedication, training and continuous effort to keep improving. Being a good maid means doing your homework often and thoroughly. Why not start with the tasks once to show your lover and that you are really a maid ready to serve.

Task 1

Wear an apron with lace at the time of washing dishes for obedient maids, an apron with lace improves the performance of their tasks and excite their female side.

This may sound simple, but you must wear the appropriate attire for the job. The apron is a very basic garment that shows your Am @ who is not afraid of being the one who performs household tasks, while your Am @ can sit down to rest, reading a book with a good glass of wine.

Acquire the habit of wearing an apron while doing the dishes or any type of cleaning activity. Every time there is a dirty glass, plate, pot or pan, put on your apron, and a pair of pink gloves.

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Task 2

Wearing high heels while vacuuming the house, being a maid is about having a constant reminder of your role at home. Heels are a great tool for this purpose. There’s nothing like walking around the house while you breathe in those high heels. Do not forget that someone could see through the window, that must be quite a show.

Task 3

Wear satin panties on laundry days, washing clothes is hard work. Of course, we do not want sweat soiling your maid uniform. So, for the occasion, you have to take it off and just wear a pair of satin panties and a matching bra. If you have a pair of high heels use them, this will make sure you run around the house, instead you will take fine steps.

Since you are not wearing your uniform, it gives you the opportunity to wash it by hand to make sure that you look like a proper and clean maid. On the subject of washing a maid should never lose energy in a machine (washing machine) so as not to damage the satin garments and those of your Master. Washing everything by hand ensures that each garment is thoroughly cleaned.

Surprise your Master with a nice new set of clean sheets in bed, after a long day at work. The smell of fresh when you put your head to rest on the pillow after a day full of housework will be amazing. You also have to rest well for the next day, since you will also be full of tasks. That is life a good maid, full of cleaning tasks and chores throughout the day every day.

Task 4

A large plug while ironing, after you have finished washing and drying your clothes is the time to iron. To make this a little more fun, lower your satin panties and grab your biggest anal plug, lubricate it and slide it gently to the bottom of your ass.

Now the trick is to iron everything, keeping plug firmly in place. Squeeze your buttocks to keep it in place. If it starts to fall, start again from the beginning and try again. This is the training for maid Sissy, it is not about the pleasure that the plug will give you, the goal is to train your buttocks to maintain what your Master decides to put there.

Task 5

To throw the garbage like a real Sissy, of the tasks of servant, my preferred ones are those that imply the humiliation. Seeing the face in turn of a Sissy all red because someone saw you in an apron with lace is an incredible feeling. Make sure the maids are in their place and your Master and they really obey. So, for this task you are going to put on an apron, a pair of high-heeled shoes or something that is easily visible. The point is that you are wearing a feminine garment, you will have many reasons to be ashamed.

We believe that an apron lace is perfect for work. Put on your apron and take out the trash. Who knows, maybe your neighbor is outside. Surely you will receive a good comment on the apron, never forget to thank you for the compliments, after all you are a Sissy in training that serves your Master.

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